“I dream sometimes about flying. It starts out like I’m running really really fast and I’m like super human. And the terrain starts to get really rocky and steep. And then I’m running so fast that my feet aren’t even touching the ground and I’m floating. And it’s like this amazing, amazing realness. I’m free. I’m safe. Then I realize, I am completely alone. And then I wake up.”
— Summer Finn, (500) Days of Summer.

Monday, May 30, 2011

love, love love.

you loved me once.

am screwed up.

im sure enuff that you would love me for twice.

am screwed up.

and also for the third time.

am still screwed up.


am screwed up again.


dumb, you're still gimme a big big chance.

but, am still screwed up.


not changing.

still fuckin screwed you up.


the same things happened . am screwed up more than one time.

eight times.

screw-ed up.


again and again. am always screwed you up!

why did you always gimme a ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten chance?

Ten times. please stop gave a chance and hurting yourself everytime they're screwed you up. or maybe you just a dumbass who are desperate for someone to loving you. its look terrible though. stop doing that! you were not meant to be together. just accept the truth. Weh, mens and girls are not only one in this world, but it is a zillion somebody who are waiting for yah. If she/he still fucking screwed up. Stop being a pathetic and a nice losers that you still can accept her/him. leave your ass off. don't ruin your life for one stupid mistake. haha. this is just an advice. am also not an expert in love stuff. Hell yeah, im sucked at it. or else.

1. hope when you find whoever it is you're looking for. And don't let go, once you do.

2. Tidak perlukan pengalaman untuk menasihati seseorang. sendiri boleh fikir.

3. hidup memang takkan pernah adil, cabaran dan dugaan adalah satu ujian yang Allah ingin berikan pada ciptaannya. how far can you handle it?

4. kau tak perlu susah nak terkejar mencari apa itu cinta, kerana satu hari nanti dia akan datang dengan sendiri bila dia bersedia. and its a natural feeling. else, kau patut kukuhkan kewangan kau dari bercinta.

5. This is just a random post. nothing-relate to somebody or whatever body. am just freaking free this days.

6. Newly months will come soon, hope this June gonna brought me luck. many many muchos luck. and June is a month that full of prosperous. i guess :)

7. Tabah. zip your mouth.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Qoute of the day:

Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.

mimpi seseorang tetapi tak ingat wajah beliau. kemungkinan dia jodoh kau.

kupu-kupu atau rama-rama masuk rumah, tandanya orang jauh nak datang.

mata terkedip-kedip disebelah kanan, akan melihat orang jauh tak lama lagi.

tergigit lidah, pasti kau akan bertengkar mulut dengan orang yang terdekat.

tersedak makanan pedas, ada orang yang sedang mengata kau.

tapak tangan gatal, agaknya nak dapat duit atau duit nak lesap.

bulu mata kanan jatuh, ada yang rindu kau.

bulu mata belah kiri pula jatuh, ada orang yang tak berapa nak suka dekat kau.

ketawa sepanjang hari tanpa henti, alamatnya nak menangis takpun itu penyakit mental.

kalau punggung kebas?

sebab duduk atas lantai lama sangat :D chill. have fun.

cakapcakap: kau percaya benda di atas? aku hanya menganggap ia adalah satu kebetulan yang berlaku tanpa disedari oleh otak dan kewarasan.

Friday, May 27, 2011


aku dan kau.

seorang kawan.

pasti wujud perasaan rindu.

tak rindu. tak mengapa. tapi kau selit aku dalam kotak memori kan?

kau tahu kan?

tapi aku malu. malu kerbau.

hanya mampu berkata dalam hati.

hakikatnya, egois.

simpan sampai reput dan luput.

kawan, hanya satu yang aku masih harap.

jangan, pernah lupakan aku.


im in love with scott pilgrim right now. this one is my favourite. it makes me feel calm and its really good to release your stress and tiredness :D coz it works for me.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Every minutes in life is precious.

i did wasting my time, end up without getting anything back then. Once you go, you can't turn back. hell yeah. The cycles never end. do regret in your whole life if you had miss everything awesome that should be happened because you're busy-ing being a useless person. you are the one that controlled your own life. lead em to the light, not into the freaking darkness road. there is choices. choose your own path carefully and be strong to faced it. I do believe that God always there for me and always be im my doa'.

choices. make a right choice.

Peeps, if you're not succes in your life now, so what?! STFU. you should fixed up and struggle hard to make your life better. be better day by day. not by pretending be such a perfect bimbo and everything must've been perfect. Just be yourself, yeahhh the original and pure one. Imperfections makes you normal and that is trully a natural beauty that you should proud of. decisions is in your hand. follow the flow. same goes to me..you have your own fate, and i got my own too.. and what? you fucked up your own life, and don't put a blame on someone else..Learn from mistakes. people make mistakes. its a common thing that people do for everyday, hours, minutes, and every seconds.

Hating your life doesn't lead you to success. Hating someone's life also does not make you succes. you just end up being a pathetic. live a good life without hating anyone because jealousy is the ugliest trait. Standing proud and says : I'm try my very best, be the best among the best and the rest of it is in God's hand. Always Pray.

cakapcakap : Well, i'm just impressed with the big effort to make this video. kinda busy lately,Have a great day :) till next post.