“I dream sometimes about flying. It starts out like I’m running really really fast and I’m like super human. And the terrain starts to get really rocky and steep. And then I’m running so fast that my feet aren’t even touching the ground and I’m floating. And it’s like this amazing, amazing realness. I’m free. I’m safe. Then I realize, I am completely alone. And then I wake up.”
— Summer Finn, (500) Days of Summer.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Every minutes in life is precious.

i did wasting my time, end up without getting anything back then. Once you go, you can't turn back. hell yeah. The cycles never end. do regret in your whole life if you had miss everything awesome that should be happened because you're busy-ing being a useless person. you are the one that controlled your own life. lead em to the light, not into the freaking darkness road. there is choices. choose your own path carefully and be strong to faced it. I do believe that God always there for me and always be im my doa'.

choices. make a right choice.

Peeps, if you're not succes in your life now, so what?! STFU. you should fixed up and struggle hard to make your life better. be better day by day. not by pretending be such a perfect bimbo and everything must've been perfect. Just be yourself, yeahhh the original and pure one. Imperfections makes you normal and that is trully a natural beauty that you should proud of. decisions is in your hand. follow the flow. same goes to me..you have your own fate, and i got my own too.. and what? you fucked up your own life, and don't put a blame on someone else..Learn from mistakes. people make mistakes. its a common thing that people do for everyday, hours, minutes, and every seconds.

Hating your life doesn't lead you to success. Hating someone's life also does not make you succes. you just end up being a pathetic. live a good life without hating anyone because jealousy is the ugliest trait. Standing proud and says : I'm try my very best, be the best among the best and the rest of it is in God's hand. Always Pray.

cakapcakap : Well, i'm just impressed with the big effort to make this video. kinda busy lately,Have a great day :) till next post.


Akulah Pak Lan said...

Like your qoute of

Somestimes we all need to fall down to see who'll be there to pick us back up again

rekbing said...

that was my 1st stop motion video. bg inspirasi buat stop motion sendiri


zee ong said...

@Akulah Pak Lan : oh yeah. i like the qoute too :)

@rekbing : well, yeahh. it was just awesome right. aha.that's good for you :) good luck!

amir said...

I just made a big mistake recently..but that doesn't mean i'm going to give up.

Tomorrow brings new hope. :)

that I believe.

zee ong said...

people always make a mistake amir. that's a normal thing. but its not normal when you do make a mistake, but u still doesnt realize and try to change.

don't just say or hope. DO IT :)